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Ürün Açıklaması

OPTIMA designs and manufactures individual hook-lift solutions for supplying strong, stable and durable hydraulic hook systems for Hook Lift trailers from 10 to 35 tones lift capacity. We are passionate about transport efficiency and flexibility using rapid lifting systems that reduce transport costs of our customers.

OPTIMA also designs and manufactures individual container solutions to clients’ specific transport requirements in waste, agricultural and industrial sectors. Technical advice from our engineering team assists customers at procurement stages, to ensure the right specification is achieved in terms of strength, capacity and options, bringing both initial investment and operational savings


Design Benefits

·Ground level loading and unloading

·Reduced licensing fees through reduced fleet size

·Exact positioning (dropping off) of containers

·Ability to get in and out of tight spaces

·Quick exchange of containers: system allows container to be lift/dropped in around 90 seconds

·Ability to engage a container up to 30° off center when picking up

·No cables to hook up, unhook or that could potentially break

·Heavy duty metal wheels

Ürün Özellikleri

Alternative Door Solutions

·Hydraulic door 

·Double door

·Top hung door 

·Manual ramp 

·Hydraulic ramp

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