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Optima Technic - Mobile Dialysis

First Mobile Dialysis Unit (19.5 meter length) in the world which manufactured by Optima Technic, is on the way...


Mobile Laboratory (Building Earthquake Analysis & Testing)

Optima Technic - Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

Optima Technic - Ministry of Health (Denizli/Turkey) - Mobile Mammography


Optima Technic - IGA Istanbul Airport - Mobile Command & Control Center


Optima Technic - Mobile Surgery & ICU Clinic


Optima Technic - Mobile Shredders

Our Mobile Clinics Supply Health Care Services at AZEZ/SYRIA (Turkish Red Crescent Camp)

Mobile Kindergarten for Childs - UN Project

Optima Technic Foldable Containers

Optima Technic Mobile Clinics on the Saudi News


Mobile Clinics are working in Saudi Arabia Ministry Of Health


The mobile clinics which produced from us to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of health, served 1,500 patients within 5 hour at Haj / Mekkah. 


Mobile Bakery & Kitchen Unit


Optima Technic Mobile Field Hospitals Products


Optima Technic Expandable Containers


Optima Technic Mobile Kitchen on News


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