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Product Description

OQ series quad shaft shredders are driven by hydraulic power unit with planetary reducers (direct electrical motor driver optional). OPTIMA OQ series quad shaft shredders have soft start at full torque while it reducing power demands and extends the life of the motor. The unit is controlled by a PLC and automatically reduces shaft torques when not processing by its integrated software and sensors.

Product Specs



OPTIMA OQ series quad shaft shredders are designed for heavy-duty size reduction applications that require uniform particle sizes. OPTIMA OQ series quad shaft shredders are useful to control the output sizes with changeable type special screen design and size.


• High torque, low speed design for efficient shredding

• Bulk feed capacity

• Special cutter disk design for all types material

• Automatic lubrication system to reduce the wear of bearing and gear unit

• Heavy duty gear box

• Uniform final particle size by changeable screens

• Auto reversal feature

• OQ series four shaft shredders can be fed by conveyor belt (optional), garbage lifting platform (optional) or manually

• Output can be discharge by conveyor belt (optional), screw mechanism (optional) or manually.

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