About Us

Who We Are

Optima Electro Hydraulic Ltd. Co. (Optima Technic) is an experienced engineering company established to supply better and more economical mobile solutions. We design and manufacture various mobile engineering solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We aim to deliver high-quality products and services worldwide, on the most economical basis, while caring about the planet we inhabit.

Our mission is to guide the sector by following innovative practices and technological developments. We work hard for continuous growth in foreign target markets and use our resources effectively in terms of company values, targets, and strategies for systems and products which are required by our country and the world.

Our vision is to be among one of the few companies which find solutions that make human life easy both in our country and the world by producing reliable, high-performance, durable, and latest technology products.

Focusing on our customers' needs, quality, happiness, our employees, honesty, innovation, our contribution to the community, sustainability, and perfectionism are our fundamental values and principles. All of these essential values and principles constitute the spirit of Optima Technic and carry us to a successful future.

What We Do

As Optima Technic, we are providing mobile hospital solutions, mobile military solutions and mobile solutions.


There is always a solution to your problem in Optima Technic. First, we define the problem then we solve it.


We custom tailor our products accordingly to our customers' needs so that the output is flawlessly in tune with their expectations.


We follow the key trends in technology, society, and resources; and challenge ourselves to get better every day.

Our Quality Policy and Certificates

We control each level of our production process, therefore ensure the quality, energy efficiency, and comfort of our products. The certificates that we possess allow our products to meet the standards of domestic and international markets.

As Optima Technic, we possess CE Attastetion of Conformity for Mobile Hospital Units, ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 10002-2018 (The Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System), ISO 14001-2015 (The Environmental Management System), ISO 45001-2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), TUV Austria Welding Certificate, Certificate of the Conformity of the Factory Production Control, EN ISO 3834-2 certificates, Healty and Safe Workplace certificates.

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