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Mobile Bakery

Mobile Bakery

Mobile Bakery

Optima Technic Mobile Oven units; It is designed and manufactured for the armed forces, civil defense, emergency rescue services and humanitarian aid organizations to bake and distribute bread in field conditions.

They can be produced as trailers / trailers or 20 FT / 40 FT containers. There is a built-in generator according to customer requests.

Baking capacity 1000 kg bread in 8 hours (14400 loaves 50-70 grams) and 1500 kg bread in 12 hours (21600 loaves 50-70 grams) (rate per person 0.6 kg / day / man)

In 8 h: 1650 man / day

In 13 h: 2500 man / day

This information may vary according to customer requests.